Some samples of my writing and editing — including Q&As, short-form pieces, editorials, investigative pieces, a voting guide and auto reviews. I have experience editing and writing as assistant program manager at the American Press Institute, editor-in-chief at the University Daily Kansan, a teaching assistant for an undergraduate advanced reporting course (two semesters), a graphics reporting intern at the Chicago Tribune, a digital intern at the Lawrence Journal-World and a Pulliam Fellow at the IndyStar. 

Writing at the American Press Institute

Writing at the University Daily Kansan

Short-form writing at the Chicago Tribune

  • Hockey goalkeeper's equipment: the evolution of Rule 11 (timeline) 
  • On atomic bomb anniversary, Chicago Doomsday Clock points to more danger (Q&A + timeline) 
  • 30,000 lightning strikes in one night! (story + map) 

#IndyBucketList at the Indianapolis Star

I built a connection with IndyStar readers and drove engagement on a personal digital initiative, in which I compiled a reader-generated #IndyBucketList with 20 must-do items that can only happen in the city. As I completed items on the list, I wrote reviews and posted my experiences on social media.

Leading change at the University Daily Kansan

  • Four goals for the University Daily Kansan (and how we'll accomplish them) | Medium post
  • What we're up to (so far) at the UDK | Medium post
  • Reinventing student media: 10 tips from student editors | MediaShift

Editing at the University Daily Kansan

Editing at The Indianapolis Star

"Lawrence Women" blog at Lawrence Journal-World

As a digital intern, I occasionally wrote posts for LawrenceWomen blog, where I localized national women's issues.